Milan were held to a 1-1 draw at Lille in the matchday 4 duel in Group H of the 2020/21 Europa League. The team’s performance and struggles were satisfying in the eyes of Daniele Bonera, although the final results were disappointing.

This is the second match Bonera stands to replace Stefano Pioli on the sidelines. Pioli and several other coaching staff have had to undergo a period of self-quarantine due to COVID-19.

Milan also played well at Lille. They took the lead through Samu Castillejo’s goal in the 46th minute, and could have scored more had they played more effectively.

Unfortunately, Milan actually let Lille equalize and had to settle for one point.

Milan’s youthful spirit

For Bonera, the performance of his team in this match has been very good, only the final result is not as expected. They also tried to control the match and managed to suppress their opponents.

“We delivered a good performance, unfortunately we lost our focus on the process of their goals, because actually the team can control this match,” said Bonera in Italian Football.

“This Milan is much different from Milan who play at home. We are satisfied with the team spirit, the way the team works together.”

“The only disappointment tonight was the final result,” he added.

Younger Milan

Without several senior players, Milan can still rely on young players. Even the average age squad for the Milan squad in this match is 22 years.

“We are pleased to see young players developing, because on several occasions you need that wild young spirit,” continued Bonera.

“This is a young Milan squad with experienced players like Simon Kjaer, who is obviously very helpful.”

Ibra’s absence

The performance of this young Milan squad also denied accusations that Milan are now too dependent on Zlatan Ibrahimovic , it has been proven that they can play well without the superstar who was forced to miss due to injury.

“We showed even before this match that our team was able to overcome the absence of him [Ibrahimovic],” continued Bonera.

“He is a very important player, but team spirit is always the same, with or without Ibra,” he said.

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